Cooling tower cooling system, produced br Adriyatik Filtration, are used in our country and many countries around the World. In the food industry, sand industry, textile industry, chemical industry, mining industry, cement, glass and ceramics industry, forest products industry, dams, irrigation canals, fish farms, cooling towers, agriculture and livestock sector, the HEPP projects, in short, wherever there is water used in this system is provided .
Type of Treatment
Coarse particles in the water, and sand filtration to reduce the burden of keeping the other stages of filtration.
  • Keeps all particles from to 70 microns
  • Filtration is from 1 m3 /hr. to 5000 m3 /hr
  • System is working to clean
  • Does not require backwash
  • Does not require maintenance
  • There is no part will change
  • Untouched cleaning with automatic purge valve system
  • Extremely easy assembly

Technical Specifications
Capacity (m3/h): 1m3/h-5000 m3/h
Inlet/Outlet Dimensions: 1/2" (DN15) – 24” (DN600) , with PN16 DIN 2576 Flange Connection or BSP Threated
Discharge: 1/2" (DN15) – 3” (DN80) , with PN16 DIN 2576 Flange Connection or BSP Threated
Filtration Degrees: 70 microns
Min.Working Pressure: 1 bar (15 psi) lower pressures can be produced according to the needs.
Max.Working Pressure: 10 bar (45 psi) higher pressures can be produced according to the needs.
Pressure Drop: Max. 1 bar (15 psi)
Max.Working Temperature: 80⁰C-100⁰C
Pump Power: Pump power is change for design and customer specification
Material of Construction: Carbon Steel with Epoxy Coated, AISI304 and AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Discharge Valve: Electrical Actuator Valve, Pneuöatic Actuator Valve, Pinch Valve 24V or 220V
Electrical Control Panel: 380 V , Three-Phase , 50 Hz with Digital Timer Control (if you have another electrical specification, can be make new design)
Valve Group: Butterfly Valve
Manometer: 10-25 bar with gliserin manometer
Montage: On the skid montage

Working Prensible

  • Cooling tower filtration system, cyclone separator filter, basket filter system consists of centrifugal pumps and electric actuator valve. Fully digital display of time and without the need for a fully automatic filtration, and the staff is a system which offers continuous filtration.
  • In this system, the dirty water from the filter basket income. More convenient to work in terms of the internal structure of the filter basket and avoid clogging of the system is held for the first section of coarse particles. Basket with stainless steel micron filter in the filtration process is carried out through the front of the desired micron levels. Here are free from coarse particles is transferred to the water pump through the filter separator with pressure. Due to the internal parts of the stainless steel cyclone separator filter provides high resistance against corrosion. Centrifugal cyclone separator filter water from here to the effect is filtered to 70 micron. Here are the cleaned water is included in the system. Discharge of polluted water is carried out with the aid of a digital dashboard, starting the countdown automatically controlled electric actuated valves and being taken out of the system through the board. In addition, due to the maintenance and repair of the valve group to be added to the system pressure to be adjusted also easier.
  • The maximum pressure drop in the system Max.1 bar. Pressure drop is less high-efficiency filtration system operation is guaranteed by the same parameters.
  • How long does the system work through the system timers, how much time would discharge his perception of the system are provided.
  • Thus, the system will check continuously without the need for a personnel system itself, depending on how long the work, and the water level changes are done to protect the system itself.